Walking Stick Making

The wood for stick-making is cut in Winter, when the sap is low.

Local woods such as sycamore, holly, ash, alder and blackthorn, are plentiful. The most popular wood for stick-making however, is the hazel as it makes for light but sturdy sticks with a good taper and balance.

Once the wood is selected and cut, it must be left for over a year to season and dry.

When the sticks are ready the craftsman begins to straighten the wood by heating gently and clamping into shape before cooling.

The craftsman then begins to shape the stick or shank, by careful sawing, rasping and filing, working with the natural grain, knots and knobs found in the wood to best effect.

Each stick is beautifully made and can last a lifetime. Timeless reminders of the Teifi Valley.