Wood Turning

Wood Turning

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The widespread practice of wood-turning and the abundance of sycamore throughout the West Wales valleys gave rise to a thriving wood industry, and made the Teifi Valley and in particular the village of Abercuch, famous far beyond Wales for its woodcrafting skill and production. The most important elements of this industry were bowl-turning and spoon-carving.

Blodwen has commissioned a range of hand turned traditional cawl (Welsh broth) bowls, lovespoons, ladles and platters from a selection of master wood turners in the area.

Platters tell me the story

Hand-turned Ash Platters 13 Inch

Ash Platters


Hand-turned Elm Platters 12in

Elm Platters


Bowlstell me the story

Handturned Bowl Sycamore 27cm

Sycamore 27cm


Handturned Round Ash Bowl 25cm

Ash Bowl 25cm


Ladlestell me the story

Hand Hewn Beech Ladle 49cm

Beech Ladle


Hand Hewn Beech Ladle with Slot 43cm

Beech Ladle


Lovespoonstell me the story

Hand Hewn Cawl Spoon Sycamore 22cm

Cawl Spoon


The Blodwen Cawl Spoon-Sycamore

Cawl Spoon


The Sail Boat Lovespoon from local sycamore

Sail Boat