Blodwen is the online lifestyle brand specialising in the design and manufacture of hand-crafted luxury homewares, furniture, organic skincare, ceramics, Welsh blankets and textiles - all made in Wales. Nestled in the seaside village of Aberporth in Cardigan Bay at the very Western tip of Wales, Blodwen is founded on the desire to preserve and revive traditional rural skills and as such, designs collections that fuse together centuries old craftsmanship with everyday utility and contemporary style. Working with a hand-picked selection of local artisans and master craftspeople, Blodwen’s exclusive collections are a celebration of craft, community and conservation.

Blodwen is committed to the preservation and revival of traditional rural skills
   and the promotion of artisans.

With its emphasis on adding contemporary design to skills and traditions which
   have been handed down across the generations as well as the importance
   attached to 'buying local', BLODWEN aims to help bring about real regeneration,
   contributing to rural communities as they maintain their way of life and

Blodwen believes in paying for quality - in rewarding artisans for their skill in
   producing unique, hand-made, beautiful wares - heirloom purchases that are
   treasured forever.

Blodwen is passionate about Wales, a country with an ancient yet modern
   language, culture and tradition which continue to thrive and are celebrated.
   We are committed to ensuring bilingual provision in both Welsh and English
   across all our products and operations.

Blodwen seeks to foster and build upon a sense of community where the
   collective power of individuals works together to make a real difference.
   That's why all our products are, wherever possible, made in Wales by
   local craftspeople, often working in collaboration.

Blodwen is dedicated to celebrating the countryside and country ways.
   We have a deep respect for its natural rhythms, seasons and harvest.

Blodwen eschews industrial farming, sea dredging, fast foods, and mass

Blodwen loves and admires grass-roots organisations that empower
   communities to thrive and prosper. We share the values of Merched Y Wawr *,
   we are proud of Urdd Gobaith Cymru* and the cultural celebration of the
   Eisteddfodau, and we support the Young Farmers Club. It is time to re-discover
   the sense of belonging to these and other wonderful movements.

Blodwen's philosophy is one of back to basics, back to nature, making and
   mending, foraging and finding.

Blodwen only sells products that are locally made, because we are always
   mindful of reducing our carbon footprint. We source products that are,
   wherever possible, organically grown . All our packaging is made from
   recycled materials, made in Wales.

Blodwen promises to offer you beautiful hand-made goods, which are
   traditionally made from natural resources, locally sourced. All we will do is
   sprinkle them with some contemporary style and design, add some technology
   to enable you to enjoy centuries of craftsmanship, delivered to your door.

May we wish you joy in receiving them.


Notes :
* Merched Y Wawr - the Welsh equivalent to the Women's Institute
* Urdd Gobaith Cymru - the Welsh national youth movement
* Eisteddfodau - the annual cultural Festivals that take place all over Wales    culminating in The National Eisteddfod, the highlight of the Welsh calendar


A note from the Founder

Denise Lewis

Denise Lewis was born in Newcastle Emlyn, Cardiganshire. She is a Welsh speaker and has two children. She lives between London and Aberporth, Cardigan Bay, West Wales.

Denise spent most of her career advising international corporations on strategic communications, branding and marketing. She was Group Director of Corporate Affairs for Orange plc for nine years. She launched Blodwen in 2010, becoming a designer maker intent on creating an international showcase for the traditional craftsmanship of Wales as well as its contemporary design excellence. She holds a number of non-executive directorships on the Boards of arts organisations, Museums and Charitable Trusts in both Wales and England.


"Thank you for visiting BLODWEN.
We love our products.
We love the nostalgia that they evoke
We have a deep respect for the craftspeople who generation after generation continue to preserve country ways and skills
And we have a profound love of this place.
We hope that as you get to know and love BLODWEN, you will too."


Blodwen's Manifesto